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Discover affordable yet beautiful royalty free music. 🎶😌

Welcome to my Royalty Free music plan - Hemispheres. 📺Preview the plan below. 📺

The 'Hemispheres plan' is a monthly, royalty-free music subscription membership that enables you to download a NEW hour long meditation album EVERY month. Choose one of three tier plans - Bronze, Silver and Gold, to suit your royalty free licensing requirement and usage. Each plan comes with multiple & customisable licensing options to suit the busy therapist. Create your own library of royalty free music for use in your client sessions AND in your own professional recordings and projects. Benefit from your own beautiful library of music at a fraction of the cost of some other plans. You can subscribe for a year (twelve albums) for what you could be expected to pay else where for just a single album or track to be used with full royalty free rights.

The Hemispheres Collection of albums have no distinct tempo, rhythm or moods; just very calm, balanced, soothing musical works that permit effortless relaxation, mindfulness and deep inner calm. Each album provides a tranquil backdrop to hypnosis, relaxation therapies and to audio productions that require gentle music that won’t take centre stage. Beautiful layered strings, synthesis and distant piano along with soothing sounds of nature set the scene for perfect relaxation. There are no distracting background sound effects and each album is clear of any volume fluctuation and changes. Learn More here ;-


Learn more about the plans her and the licence coverage.