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Equinox Matte Black Magic Mug
Equinox Matte Black Magic Mug

Equinox Matte Black Magic Mug

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Who doesn't love a good surprise? With this colour changing coffee mug, you're definitely in for a great one. This mug has a black matte finish when it's empty. But when it comes into contact with a hot beverage, the mug reveals a beautiful print that'll always make you smile when having your drink of choice. Hand designed by Rob -  Free shipping !

• Ceramic
• Black matte finish when cold
• Reveals the print when exposed to hot liquids
• Dimensions: height - 3.85" (9.8 cm), diameter - 3.35" (8.5 cm)
• Made in China. Printed in the USA and EU

Note that in some instances the coating might not be 100% opaque and an outline of the design might peek through a little. Also, you shouldn't put the mugs in a microwave or dishwasher since it can damage the coating.

Leaf Spirit design © Simon Gudgeon www.simongudgeon.com

By kind permission.