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Eclipse by Rob Hulford


Eclipse, my debut album, contains 2 ½ hours of soothing piano, strings and distant guitar melodies interspersed with soaring soundscapes, culminating in a deeply relaxing and soothing album to nurture and heal the mind, body & soul. Perfect for yoga, healing and wellbeing, and to assist and promote the onset of restful sleep.

Eclipses, dynamic cosmic alignments between the sun and moon, mark the closing of one chapter and an accelerated opening into the expanse of the unknown. The healing, expansive melodies of ‘Eclipse’ describe the transition from one life path onto another and encourage introspection, relaxation and renewal in the process.

The lunar eclipses allow for an awakening to take place, an untethering of the mind and a transcendence above all former constraints. New energies eclipse old worlds, new life breathes into our being and the life giving energy of the sun is fleetingly overlaid by the subconscious, hidden feelings activated by the moon.

‘Eclipse’ invites us to embrace the journey of life, to trust in the world yet unseen and to appreciate the natural world beside and above, which support and sustain us with each new dawn. A reminder of the endless possibilities for self reinvention and renaissance, ‘Eclipse’ unfolds uniquely upon each listen allowing for intuition to be heard and new pathways of insight to be illuminated.

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