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SIGNED Equinox, Shades of Autumn, Secrets of Summer 3 CD Bundle

SIGNED Equinox, Shades of Autumn, Secrets of Summer 3 CD Bundle

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Three signed CD's - Shades of Autumn & Secrets of summer and Equinox

Strictly limited numbers available.

Signed personally to you, from the composer himself!

Over 7½  hours of soothing ambient wellbeing music to nurture the mind body & soul. My full music discography for the ambient music connoisseur.  Your perfect wellbeing partner. Ideal to accompany, Yoga, Healing, mindfulness and meditation.

Equinox is an ethereal, hauntingly beautiful collection of ambient soundscapes, accompanied by soothing piano, synth harmony, soft guitar, saxophone and distant choral arrangements. Perfect as an accompaniment to mindfulness, meditation, healing. Soothes away stress & anxiety.

Shades of autumn is my new album.  An album for autumn that exudes the essence of the season; one of rustic autumnal colours and glows. A soothing and nurturing ambience flows throughout the album that features beautiful flowing piano melodies overlain and accompanied by saxophone, stringed arrangements, acoustic guitars, harp and so any more. A truly sound healing experience.

Secrets of summer is my fourth album. A soothing, summery nuance; an album that exudes the feel of summertime; an album to lift the spirit and warm the heart.  A Beautiful ambient and ethereal collection of summer soundscapes and a tapestry of soothing piano, synth harmony, soft guitar, saxophone, harp and distant choral arrangements.