Leaf Spirit Single released.

My new album is on its way and I can barely conceal my excitement. Following on the heels of Eclipse and Alchemy this has been a monumental project but I could not be happier. My greatest wish is for my new album to mean as much to you all as it did the moment I sat down with a cuppa and realised I had finished writing.
So I released a single from the album, Leaf Spirit. Its here in my shop..

As an indie (independent) artist writing on my own label, it means I do all the heavy lifting myself. On the plus side I get to speak and chat with a great many of you, which some of the bigger names out there are far removed from. In fact I sat down and recorded a short documentary about my music, my inspirations behind my work and my new album about to be released.. (can't wait).  

Find yourself somewhere cosy to sit, don a pair of headphones if you have some to hand and please enjoy the next eight minutes listening to 'Leaf Spirit'. Leaf Spirit will be available to download as a single track from tomorrow. I will drop you a quick note to let you know when its available.  Once again, you are the first to listen to something from my album.


Watch the video here.

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