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Refund Policy

Rob Hulford Music will refund your full purchase price providing one (or more) of these conditions are met (conditions marked with an asterisk (*) are required):

For Downloaded content:- 

  • Your bank / Paypal account was illegally charged (fraud).

  • You can provide a reasonable explanation as to why the refund needs to be made.

  • The zip file has not been downloaded. *

For CD/DVD content:-

  • Your bank / Paypal account was illegally charged (fraud)

  • You provide a reasonable explanation why the refund needs to be made

  • The original shrink-wrapped packaging remains on the product

  • The unwrapped product has physical damage rendering it unusable (in this case we can ship you another copy of the product)


A refund is eligible for 30 days from the date of purchase (found in your Download Confirmation Email).

Should  you feel there is a particular condition which qualifies you for a refund, browse the above mentioned criteria for eligibility and then contact

Note : A Download counts as such when a download action is commenced (and not completed). We do not monitor the completion of the download. Each click on the download link counts as one download attempt.

We cannot refund you any monies where you have accessed my music either by downloading the zip or opening the CD/DVD media.