The great lost track - Lillywhite and the signed album

Let me share a story with you here. During the recording of Equinox, this particular track - Lillywhite, somehow got misplaced amongst my recordings. It had been intended for inclusion on the Equinox CD. Alas, try as I might, it wouldn't reveal its hiding place to me. The deadline came and went for finishing the album and sending it off to press the CD's, it was left behind. Then,.. one morning last week as I was re-arranging my files and folders.. I erm.. found it..🧐😬. Big smiles all round. I love this track, its deeply nurturing and effortlessly permits you to venture to wherever your imagination will.  Equinox is on sale this Friday 22nd November. There will be a strictly limited number of autographed Equinox CD's available from my online store - (Just 100) . 🙄Those who are quick enough to purchase an autographed CD will also receive Lillywhite as an MP3 file to download. Only 100 listeners will ever own this track. 🧐


  • Lillywhite Is A Beautiful Track. The Video Reminds Me Of Christmas Time. With Our Families Taking A Walk After Dinner. Thank You Rob. From Katie ❤😊

    Katie Rowan
  • This is beautiful! The picture reminds me of northern Michigan!

    Lisa Downes
  • Love this, Lillywhite stunningly beautiful. Is there any way you can get it. Be grateful to have😊

    Terryll Chase
  • Love this track how can I get a copy of Lillywhite Please Look Forward to hearing from you Yours Truly Lynne Sedgley

    Lynne Sedgley

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