The Importance Of Music During Lockdowns

Music is and always has been deeply therapeutic to Man. Music is a balm for any part of us that needs healing - Mind, Body and soul.

At the beginning of the reality that we now inhabit, the worldwide pandemic that changed lives across the planet in a heartbeat, my first thought was How can I help? 

How can I, a musician, bring the world the solace it needs as we all cycle through more changes than the mind can comprehend? 

I took to what I knew best - the process of composing. This time it flowed more rapidly, more instinctively, intuitively, passionately than ever before. As hearts spoke of fears and losses, the music became ever more light, spacious, calm. Its answer to the pain was in melodies that told the tales of nature and of regrowth, rebirth and the eternal cycle of Mother Earth. A reassurance that whatever we endure will eventually allow us to blossom, just as the snowdrops stretch skywards through the snow. 

In the Spring of 2020, as I sat in my recording studio composing Secrets of Summer, I started to receive messages of gratitude from people who had been listening to my music during lockdowns in Australia, the US, all across the UK and Europe. The stories recounted a loneliness and emptiness somehow made less hostile by music, as though the melodies were old friends putting their arms around the listener and holding them tight. 

The magic of music is that we can appreciate it alone and we can relish in its immerse qualities togetherIt is a shared experience or a deeply personal safe place. It can motivate, encourage, invigorate and cheer us. It can speak the words we cant articulate in times of grief, separation or isolation. Music can help us process, rationalise and understand emotions or it can transport us away from the ones we arent yet ready to face.  

Wherever you are in the world and whatever your heart needs in this moment, I hope my music finds its way to you and I offer you a measure of my music here, for free.

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