Mother Nature’s Soundtrack

Waves in my music

The profound beauty that lay before us in our first lockdown back in March 2020 was witnessed by all who were immersed in Nature’s bounty on their daily walks. Birds sang in trees above inner city parks; squirrels danced across the grounds of deserted colleges, deer stopped to glance at human wildlife as if seeing it for the first time. The ocean swell rose against boats now permanently docked in desolate harbours and insects chattered excitedly against clear skies. Nature breathed a sign of relief for She could hear herself once more. Hearing and seeing Her more vividly, I felt more inspired than ever to include the voices and textures of our outer environment. Questioning my creative motivation once more, I wondered, Why is it that the sounds of nature comfort us? 

Although we are apart from each other through this period of human absence, there is a reconnection taking place. It has reignited a sense of belonging. Being connected to Mother Earth, who rises and falls around us. For those in the United Kingdom, where I live and work, we have been at one with Nature as she has ebbed and flowed through four entire seasons whilst we were locked down - and we have finally noticed every day that has dawned as a result. We have counted the birds on the feeder hanging from a tree, the buds on bushes along the pavement, the evolution of the landscape as it yields to winter and flourishes in summer. Once again, as we were when we were young and carefree, Nature fascinates us. The days - even in midwinter - seem longer. 

Each season has ignited an emotional response through its sounds. Who can forget the first crunch of fallen leaves as summer blended into autumn? Hearing the geese migrate overhead, the robin sing his rare, heartfelt song on a frosty morning? The excitement of stomping through fresh, noisy snow on a silent, still January day? Nature brings us so many tiny sentiments of sound and allows us to be uplifted, transported, humbled and comforted by them - even when we feel we are lost or forgotten, she reminds us we are alive. 

As an ode to everything Nature has provided me with in my lifetime, my music will always feature Her voice. I feel eternally grateful to be in Her presence, day after day, witnessing Her beauty as it serenades me on my way. 

For me, all I need in a moment of panic, worry or exhaustion, is to listen to the tide roll in on a Greek island bay, or the birdsong that takes me to a dreamlike place, far away from the stresses and strains. Back to the innocent days, back to safety, back to Her. 

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