Shades of Autumn

Shades of autumn is my fifth and latest album. Released in November 2020, this double album with a running time of over 2½ hours is a continuation of the journey that Secrets of summer embarked upon back in July of this year. Thus the story that began with Secrets of summer enters a new chapter present to you Shades of Autumn.

The Tree of Life, a map of consciousness, invites us to observe not only the wisdom of this planet but our own innate intelligence. The symbol describes the cyclical nature of learning and the ever changing momentum of life.

Trees, at the heart of our landscape, reconnect us with ourselves and our true brilliance. Adaptable, flexible and wise, they portray the micro and macrocosmic view of existence and the interconnectedness of every life on the planet.

In Autumn, nature’s spectacular show guides us inward after the effervescence of summer as the lush earth becomes adorned with jewel coloured leaves. The inky, star speckled longer nights surround us and the wind drives us towards warmth and the sanctuary of home. As the last leaf drops, Mother Earth prepares for Winter, birds migrate to hidden lands and the ocean swells with transient intensity.

Allow nature to wrap itself around you and guide you through your transformations, time and time again as you experience the multi tonal ‘Shades of Autumn’