Tales of Winter announced

Tales of Winter by Rob Hulford

Tales of Winter my sixth album has been announced on Friday 9th April.

A tribute to the close of the calendar year, ‘Tales of Winter’ is my sixth double album. Within its musical chapters lie the heart and soul of this peaceful, reverent season, written in hauntingly beautiful instrumentation. Piano, wind, guitar and violas bow to the grace of the extended darkness, whilst coastal storms and frozen landscapes are recounted with distant choral as the narrator. ‘Tales of Winter’ is a timeless companion to rest and reflection, self care, sleep and relaxation.

The comforting, humbling ‘Tales of Winter’ tell of an inward journey under an inky black sky. As Mother Earth sleeps tipped away from the sun, we take our first cautious steps across a crystalline blanket of snow. Winter and her strongest, most tenacious characters, the night owl and robin, warm heavy hearts and fill the serene void of night with companionship. The ever resilient lighthouse transmits hope through the wind and rain as the ocean is thrown at the land.

Whilst the Northern Hemisphere turns away from the sun, the Seed of Life lies dormant under the frozen earth, patiently awaiting Spring’s call. Nature’s eternal patterns of contraction and liberation, rest and renewal echo the multi-dimensional nature of the human experience. Winter heralds the closure of one chapter before the next can open. The time for rest, introspection and hibernation is encouraged by the ethereal sparkle of frost and the amber glow of firelight.

‘Tales of Winter’ is an ode to hope, to strength and resilience as life is held in suspension. Even on the coldest day, in the silent majesty of an icy, frozen land, Spring’s bulbs push up from underfoot and the Wheel of Life turns forward.

Watch the first preview of my new album HERE