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Alchemy by Rob Hulford
Alchemy by Rob Hulford


Alchemy is my second album and is a magical collage of healing harmonies; an interwoven tapestry of pianoforte, scintillating strings and synthesis, acoustic and ambient guitars, saxophone, viola's accompanied occasionally by choral arrangements. Perfect for your healing modality, wellbeing practice or for deep relaxation.

 As you undertake a 2½ hour journey across 12 ambient & ethereal tracks, Alchemy will reveal to you plethora of extraordinary harmonic and melodic beauty just waiting to wrap you gently in their arms.

Alchemy was conceived through a desire to create a soundtrack devoted to the magical beauty of Mother Earth. My creativity sough to procure musical ideas pushing orthodox melodic and harmonic boundaries to compose an album you can immerse yourself in, where you can permit my music to flow, surround your and cradle your senses.

Music that is soothing, nurturing and healing on so many levels, Alchemy has  the ability to create a magical essence for humanity, shared for the senses and human soul to help restore and replenish wellbeing. I truly believe you will discover precious moments whilst in the midst and flow of my musical work, which is my second album.

Alchemy - A love story for your ears.

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