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Welcome to my music this is my third album - Equinox. Find out more about Equinox, below.

Equinox Double CD
Equinox Double CD

Equinox Double CD

Equinox is an ethereal, hauntingly beautiful collection of ambient soundscapes, accompanied by soothing piano, synth harmony, soft guitar and saxophone.

Its mesmerising melodies and transitions allow the heart to soar at the joys of the passage of life in one track and then fall into deep peace and contemplation in the next. Distant choral and instrumental soundscapes encourage the mind to travel across captivating landscapes, evolving through cycles of seasonal transformation.

Guided and inspired by Mother Nature, the transitional moments in our lives are recounted through vibrant, uplifting and evocative piano and string melodies which echo the heart’s deepest emotions.

Equinox cradles you gently in its flow, deepening your mindful moments and reinforcing your own inner evolution as you surrender to its incredible healing ability.


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