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A Penny for your thoughts....

A Penny for your thoughts....

As a customer of mine past of present I would love the opportunity to learn a little about how you have felt whilst listening to my music. Be it a mood shift, a better nights sleep, less mind chatter at bed time, or maybe a comforter to help with the onset of sleep.

Soothing music has the ability to help and nurture so many more people and one of the best ways for others to learn about the effects and benefits of listening is to learn from the experiences of others.  With this in mind, I would be immensly grateful if you could spare me a few moments to leave a little review on my Facebook page. It's one place where many people often go to, to learn more about a musician or another artist, lightworker etc..

If you are happy to help me share the thoughts and views of my current listeners please tap or click on the link below to leave a review on my facebook page. I believe Facebook will ask you a YES or NO question as to would you recommend me. Then you have the chance to leave a short paragraph in your own words.

I am unable to share any replies over email as the comments and thoughts would need to come directly from you on my page. Thank you for reading and if you hae a moment to help me to help others, the link to my facebook page is just below.


As a little thank you for your time to read this and leave a review, I would like to offer you today 20% off any of my download albums. Simply enter the code SAVEME20 at the checkout in store.