January 1st 2021

There is so much I could say here. But for now.

Phew, glad 2020 is behind us. Here's to a far brighter 2021 as we move further into the year. Early on in 2020 I recognised that with the lockdown's so many were living under, that music would play a seriously important part to the welfare and wellbeing of the many millions living a lifestyle which they will have been unfamiliar with hitherto.

Having more time to think, more time with your own company, can be a good thing. I do enjoy my own company, however it's not the same for everyone. So I did think to myself, what could I do to try and make a positive difference to others' lives at this time.

Music is a God given gift that I am able to share. I hope some day it will of course sustain me, but as I take small steps in that direction I am able to share a good measure of what I create to help with the wellbeing of others. And so it was that during the last lockdown in Spring, I was able to share almost a dozen
tracks with weekly emails to subscribers and followers of my music. 

Now with the situation reverting in many ways to how it was last Spring, I've decided to do what I can to help and support all who might like to receive it. Today I am offering a particularly beautiful and uplifting track called The Spirit of Summer which hails from my 4th album released this summer.

This is a gift from me.  You can download it now and play it back on your laptop, ipad/tablet or phone.  There is a help guide below.

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The track I am sharing is called Spirit of Summer, and is
from my fourth album SECRETS of SUMMER

Please note this track is for your own personal use only. It cannot be copied, sold or exchanged. Use as a background track to a spoken meditation, guided meditation, hypnotherapy and similar disciplines is forbidden. This music is not licensed in any way for inclusion in your own work and is ID content protected and copyright protected.

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Spirit of summer is from my latest album, Secrets of summer. Find out more secrets below.

Secrets of Summer Double CD
Secrets of Summer Double CD

Secrets of Summer Double CD

Secrets of Summer is my fourth and most uplifting album. Exuding the unmistakable feeling of summertime, it lifts the spirit and warms the heart. Through a 2½ hour journey across 14 incandescent tracks, you will be entranced by its authentic, beautiful arrangements of heartfelt harmonies and melodies.

2020 inspired a novel direction for my music and Secrets of Summer became a vehicle for creative reinvention as I brought new virtual instruments into the light including innovative percussion and virtual instrumentation.

Woven into the fabric of Secrets of Summer is an eternal positivity, brimming with hope, appreciation and the ripest fruits of Mother Earth. 

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