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Apollo makes a wonderful backdrop for relaxation therapies and audio recordings that require gentle music that won’t take centre stage.

Perfect also simply for your personal meditation and deep relaxation. Beautiful stringed synthesis enhanced by distant gentle piano notes. There are no other background sounds or effects and the album is clear of volume fluctuations and changes.

Apollo has no tempo; just a very calm balanced soothing musical work that permits effortless relaxation, mindfulness and at oneness.


* Basic Royalty-Free licence included covers the following usage -

1. The track may be used unlimited times as a background to your therapy sessions with clients.

2. You may use the track in the same session recordings you do with your clients. For example, when conducting a therapy session with a client, the music can be included with your spoken recording which you then pass on to your client at the end of the session(s).

3. This album may be used as a backdrop to a healing sanctuary or group. This includes all forms and modalities of healing. i.e. Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Crystal Healing etc.

4. This album may be used as a backdrop to all massage sessions regardless of the type of massage.

5 . This album may be used as  a backdrop to other healing arts, for example, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Guided meditation, 

6. This album may be used as a backdrop to all yoga sessions, and groups.

7. This album may be used in sound therapy.

8. This album may be used to accompany your spoken hypnotherapy recording, for up to TWO unmonetised videos. For example, on Youtube or Vimeo or other social media platforms such as Facebook & Instagram.

The above is the extent to which the music from this album may be used free of Royalties.

The above covers all countries worldwide and runs indefinitely.