Shades of Autumn, Secrets of Summer, Alchemy & Equinox 4 CD Bundle

Shades of Autumn, Secrets of Summer, Alchemy & Equinox 4 CD Bundle

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Over 10 hours of soothing ambient wellbeing music to nurture the mind body & soul. My full music discography for the ambient music connoisseur.  Your perfect wellbeing partner. Ideal to accompany, Yoga, Healing, mindfulness and meditation.

Shades of autumn is my new album. An album for autumn that exudes the essence of the season; one of rustic autumnal colours and glows. A soothing and nurturing ambience flows throughout the album that features beautiful flowing piano melodies overlain and accompanied by saxophone, stringed arrangements, acoustic guitars, harp and so any more. A truly sound healing experience.

Secrets of summer is my fourth album.‘Secrets of Summer’, a change of creative direction for the artist, encourages playfulness, relaxation and allows the mind to settle thanks to its dreamlike qualities created via the piano, saxophone, handpan and unique virtual instrumentation.

Alchemy is a magical collage of healing harmonies, an interwoven tapestry of pianoforte, scintillating strings and synthesis, acoustic and ambient guitars, saxophone, viola's accompanied occasionally by choral arrangements. Perfect for your healing modality, wellbeing practice or for deep relaxation.

Eclipse is a collection of soothing piano, strings and distant guitar melodies interspersed with soaring soundscapes which when crafted together have created a deeply relaxing and soothing album to nurture and heal the mind-body & soul. Perfect for yoga, healing and wellbeing.