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Blossom of Spring Double CD

Blossom of Spring Double CD

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Pre-order from 30th June 2021

Blossom of Spring is my latest and seventh double album. An album caressed by celestial choral, lush harmonic textures, and delicate piano melodies. Featuring fourteen tracks across a long-running double CD with over 2½ hours of exquisitely soothing spring-themed melodies.

Blossom of Spring completes the tetralogy of the Sacred Seasons. An album that exudes the essence of the transformational beauty of Spring. Witness the first misty cool days of spring and journey through the double album to days of abundant blooms and warmth. A thoroughly uplifting and inspirational album. Just perfect to enhance the well-being of the mind, body and soul, and as a soothing relaxing companion.

 ‘Blossom of Spring’ reassures, lifts, and enchants the listener on a journey through the most beautiful season of them all, Spring.